The Amish Cheese Shop has been in the same location on Interstate 70 and State Road 1, Cambridge City Indiana, since 1983.  Life began as a gas station serving the newly built interstate until big truck stops came on the scene.  For several years it stood empty and forlorn until Jean Overbay and her husband, added a kitchen and cooler.  The Amish Cheese Shop was born.


The shop specialized in cheeses made by Heini's  cheese company in Holmes County Ohio.  Their cheeses are made from milk produced on the areas many Amish farms. We still carry many Heini's cheeses but have expanded and continue our search to find quality cheeses at reasonable prices.  When have recently added a line of lactose-free cheeses that we know many of you will enjoy. While not Amish owned, the shop concentrates on quality, additive free products associated with a simpler life, long before organic, additive free, sugar free became household words.  We also enjoy showcasing local Indiana products such as honey, venison sausage, maple syrup, gooseberry pie and in season produce.

A short description of the shop might be, not fancy, just good  We value quality and strive to maintain it.  Our jams and jellies contain no high fructose corn syrup and our sugar free products are sweeten only with natural sugar alternatives.   

Some customers have visited us for many years.  Now with our website we hope to make new friends as well as create convenience for the old.  We are always glad to see you.  If you have questions or concerns, even with the worldwide web we are a phone call away.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions may be necessary. As the seasons change not all varieties of cheeses are always available. We will attempt to cotact you before making any substitutions.

TAXES: Takes will be added when applicable. In Indiana food is not taxed.