FROG Jam 16 oz.

Want to tickle friends or family? Give them a jar of FROG jam. No, it?s not made with pond water. It?s figs, raspberries, orange and ginger?a surprisingly delicious combination. Try our hot pepper jam with our cream cheese on a bagel or cracker. Our customers are always pleasantly surprised. The first ingredient in jam is always sugar.  Ours are no different.  Sugar and fruit, thickened, and sometimes lemon juice are what make toast in the morning a favorite.   Bagels and English muffins go well too.  For you, who for one reason or another do not want sucrose (sugar) in their diet, we have natural juice sweetened jams.  You will never find us selling artificially sweetened products regardless of what claims are made.

FROG Jam 16 oz.
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